Do you have eyebrow envy? From Brooke Shields to Cara Delevingne, a bold brow is a beauty trend that never goes out of style. But what if you have no brows, barely there brows, patchy spots, or pencil thin arches? You’ve probably invested in an assortment of brow gels, pencils, powders, pigments, and stencils to draw on your brows every day. Now there’s a semi-permanent new tattoo technique that creates the appearance of naturally full brows. Microblading defines, reconstructs, fills out and reshapes brows by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs, giving your eyebrows a multidimensional, natural look.


The Process

Before the actual procedure begins, we work with the structure of your face and brow bone to create a customized eyebrow shape with a removable pencil. This is the most important step and therefore the longest part of the process. We then apply a topical numbing cream and liquid anesthetic to the area to minimize discomfort during the procedure. We will then begin the microblading procedure which uses a manual handheld tool to draw hair-like strokes that will implant several shades of pigments under your skin to mimic natural eyebrow hair. The extremely detailed process takes around two hours to complete and is relatively painless, very similar to eyebrow threading.


Aftercare and Maintenance

Your brows will be selfie ready instantly after the procedure. With no down time, you simply need to protect your brows by keeping the cuts clean and bacteria-free. You will use an antibiotic ointment on your brows for the first 24 hours and then protect them from all moisture (sweating, washing your face with water) for the first week. Some patients may experience itching, slight redness, or mild swelling during the first week, which is normal. Also, your brows will look slightly darker to start, but the color will fade 30% – 40%. The full healing process takes 25 – 30 days, after which you should return for a (30 – 40 minute) touch-up, and then again for another touch-up in one year.


The Results

After healing, no special care is required. You will wake up every morning with perfect brows. No more avoiding hot yoga, beach days, or leaving your house without drawing in your eyebrows. Don’t use another brow product if you don’t want to!

Microblading is a form of tattooing, so don’t visit an inexperienced technician! Call the experienced staff at Beauty Skin Laser to make your microblading appointment today.


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